Imperfect Credit

Do you have late payments, collections, a prior bankruptcy over 2 years ago, or a foreclosure over 3 years ago showing on your credit report?  We still may be able to help you with financing now.  If we can’t get you approved, we will provide you with credit resources so you can buy or refinance in the near future!

Do you own your home and need cash to pay bills? Want to buy a home and need low down-payment financing? It can happen! Past credit issues, regardless of how severe, don’t have to keep you from achieving your dreams!

Are you afraid to shop around for a loan and clutter your credit report with unnecessary credit inquiries? Mortgage Lending Solutions knows how too many credit inquires can adversely complicate your ability to get new credit approved.  Now we can get you initially pre-qualified free of multiple credit inquiries! We work with lenders that won’t obtain your credit report until after you’ve been initially pre-qualified! Our process can mean freedom from multiple credit inquiries and make the approval process much easier.

Bankruptcy, foreclosure, judgments, charge-offs, medical bills, no credit, bad credit, etc.—if we cannot help, we recommend to assist you with professional, in-depth, full service credit repair. Be sure to mention Mortgage Lending Solutions when enrolling so they know to update us on your progress and let us know when it is time to get working on your mortgage needs.

Cure My Score is highly rated by the Better Business Bureau and many of their past clients.  Since 2008, they have proven to be ethical, very reasonably priced, and exceptional at assisting consumers in quickly repairing credit so that we at Mortgage Lending Solutions can get them qualified to buy or refinance soon!

For more information, visit Cure My Score’s website at or give them a call 412-564-5370 or 888-313-3334.

Cure my score