First Time Home Buyer

Buying a home for the first time can feel very intimidating and confusing.  To alleviate that, it's in your best interest to get "pre-approved" before you go out shopping for homes, and potentially falling in love with a place that may not work for your personal financial situation.  In about a day's time, we can typically let you know how much home you are approved to buy (and can help you decide how MUCH of a home you want to afford, or how much your check book will allow), the monthly payments, taxes and home insurance, etc.  MLS can save you a lot of frustration and give you great peace of mind by arming you with knowledge–before you even look at your first potential home!

We offer many excellent loan products designed especially for first-time buyers, including Conventional, FHA, VA and USDA loans, many of which require little to no down-payment (depending on your credit) and often the seller can pay most of your closing costs for you!  We like to do a personal full loan product work-up, and then offer you a lot of education while helping you choose the best one that suits you and your family.

Here at MLS we also have many fantastic realtor contacts if you need a good agent.  It is ususally recommended that you use an agent to help represent you when you are buying or buidling a home and negotiating the legal purchase contract, home inspections, etc.

Please call us today to discuss the buying process or apply online to get started!